My journey to Seoul

Here’s a little bit about my journey to Seoul. I’ve never traveled that far before so it was quite an experience for me. I left for Kansas City Airport on June 2nd at 3:30am. You read that right, three in the morning. I was pretty tired, but excitement kept me awake. image I had a flight from Kansas City to San Francisco which was about 4 hours. Then had about an hour layover before the big flight to Incheon Airport.

View from the plane to California

View from the plane to California

I got to travel in a 747 aircraft which is absurdly large. I spent most of the 12 hour flight watching Mad Men season 2. There were also movies playing on screens that were placed above the aisles. It was interesting to see the movies subbed mostly in Chinese, not Korean. The plane had just arrived from Bejing so perhaps that’s why the movies were subbed in Chinese. Anyways, the flight was long and I didn’t sleep much (maybe about an hour?). It’s uncomfortable trying to sleep sitting up. The vegetarian plane food was pretty good, but there was just so much food given. I don’t like to waste food but I was stuffed and couldn’t eat it all. But I suppose this is better than not being given enough food. image

After the plane landed in Incheon, my friend’s mom picked me up and together we traveled by subway and taxi to Seoul. We arrived at my dormitory-style housing around 5pm and I was too tired to eat any dinner, so I went to bed pretty early in the evening. A big  thank you to Miriam and So Hae for making me feel so welcome in Korea! image I can’t wait to have amazing experiences this summer in Seoul! 🙂


2 thoughts on “My journey to Seoul

  1. Nicole Whyte says:

    Exciting! I’ve been looking at pics of Seoul on the internet and it looks like a vibrant city. Have a nice day (and don’t forget to get some rest)! Give So Hae and her Mom a big hug for me.


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