Placement exam– Ewha Korean Language Program

This is kind of a boring entry, but I hope it helps some people that are interested in the Korean Language Program at Ewha.

I recently took the placement test for the Intensive Korean Language Program at Ewha Womans University. I couldn’t really find much information on what the test would be like, so I decided to write my about own experiences taking the placement exam. Basically, there were 3 testing rooms. One for Chinese students, one for Japanese students, and one for “other” students. In the “other” students room, the testing instructions were both in Korean and English. You had 90 minutes to complete the test, but I think I finished in only about 30 minutes. It probably takes longer if your level of Korean is higher.

The test is split in two parts: one part for beginners and one part for above beginner level. I accidentally started taking the beginner section and went through to the above beginner level, but everything worked out. You can take the test up to the point where you think you don’t understand the questions anymore and then hand your test in. The written test for the beginner level asked you to identify basic objects in Korean (ie apple, dog, etc.) as well as write your name/nationality in Korean. The above-beginner level section had multiple choice questions about grammar structure. It was pretty easy at first then progressively became more difficult. Later on in the test, you are asked to conjugate verbs and read passages in Korean for comprehension. At the end of the test is a written portion where two questions are given and you choose which question you’d like to answer. The first question asked you to talk about yourself (name, hobbies, job, etc.) and the second was more difficult so I didn’t understand it.

When you complete the first portion of the exam, you hand in your test then are taken to a room with a native Korean teacher who conducts an interview with you. The questions at first are easy, such as “what’s your name” and “where are you from”, but then the questions become more descriptive like “why do you want to learn Korean” and “when was the first time you ate Korean food”. Try your best to use complete sentences and be as descriptive as possible. I was kind of shy, so the instructor had to remind me to speak in full sentences. My advice is to do your best and you will get into the level that most fits your learning needs. I got into level 2 (out of 6) and I think it suits me well. Best of luck to anyone interested in the Korean Language Program at Ewha!


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