Restaurants in Seoul

I haven’t been to too many restaurants yet, but I’ll share some of the photos of the places I’ve liked so far 🙂 From my limited experience, restaurant food is generally pretty cheap in Korea and they have big portion sizes. Sometimes eating out can be cheaper than cooking at home (just depending on where you go).

Cold noodles

I’m not quite sure what this restaurant is called, but I’ve been to it twice and gotten the cold noodles (naengmyeon) and kimchi noodles. It’s really great on hot summer days! The side dishes (banchan) are kimchi and some sort of pickled radish. I don’t like to eat egg, but my friend who comes with me does, so she gets to eat that for me. What’s really interesting is that there is sometimes ice in the broth to keep the dish cold. Prices for one bowl are about 5 dollars.

Kimchi noodles

Kimchi noodles

Classic naengmyun

Classic naengmyeon

Loving hut– Sinchon

This is a vegetarian/vegan restaurant in Sinchon. The prices are pretty cheap (around 5-7 dollars for a meal) and the portions are quite large. I tried the black bean sauce noodles (jajjangmyun) and the soft tofu stew. My friend tried the salad and some sort of latte. There are various side dishes, including rice, mushrooms, soy protein, kimchi, and pickled vegetables. I want to go back to try everything on the menu.

Soft tofu stew

Soft tofu stew

Salad and latte

Salad and latte




BBQ Chicken Restaurant

There isn’t much available at a chicken restaurant for a vegetarian, but I got a salad, which was actually quite good. It’s not just any chicken restaurant though: it’s the restaurant owned by Sungyeol’s parents! Sungyeol of Kpop band Infinite. Admittedly, I hadn’t heard of Infinite before coming to Korea, but my friend is a big fan so we went together. There were large posters of the idol all over the restaurant. And afterwards in the subway we saw an ad with Infinite on it. What a coincidence!

IMG_4069 IMG_4068 IMG_4067 IMG_4066 IMG_4065

Infinite in the subway

Infinite in the subway


I’ve been to this restaurant many, many times because it’s cheap and has amazing food. It’s also located just a few minutes from my room.  I love the side dishes, especially the sweet potato noodles (japchae). Other side dishes include vegetable pancakes, seaweed soup, kimchi, pickled vegetables, and salad. I always get the mixed veggies and rice (bibimbap) and it is so good. I typically split it with my friend because there is so much food. My meal total comes to about 3 dollars. It’s pretty wonderful.

Bibimbap with side dishes

Bibimbap with side dishes

I’ll have to post more about restaurants in Korea when I visit others. In the meantime, enjoy these photosimage


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