YG Entertainment, celebrity sightings, and free coffee

After class today I went with friends to see the YG Entertainment building. YG Entertainment operates a recording label and talent agency. image It is known for having recording artists such as Big Bang, 2NE1, and Psy. Unfortunately, we didn’t spot any celebrities. Not at YG Entertainment at least.

YG Entertainment building

YG Entertainment building

My friend also took a picture of me in front of this statue near YG Entertainment. I’m not sure who it was of, but it was a big statue so I assume he was important.


Then we went to a cafe called “Famous Lamb” in Hongdae. It’s pretty well known. It has a nice atmosphere and an amazing sparkly light fixture.

IMG_4193 IMG_4195 IMG_4196

I ordered a grapefruit juice and it came in this adorable mason jar. It was so delicious and sweet. My friend got a strawberry smoothie. The prices are a little high (6 dollars for juice), but the drinks are so good and I love the environment. Also the service was incredible. As soon as I was done my juice, they offered me free iced coffee! I’m not really a coffee person, but this coffee was truly rich and enjoyable. I could drink it everyday honestly. image

IMG_4199 IMG_4198

Free coffee

Free coffee

As soon as I was done my free coffee we were getting ready to leave, but another server came by. I thought he asked what coffee I had, so I told him, however it turns out he was making me ANOTHER free coffee. image It was already evening so I knew if I had another cup of coffee I’d be up all night, so I found him and tried to explain with my minimal Korean that I didn’t need another coffee LOL. The servers were so kind and I had a marvelous experience.

Once we left the cafe my friend told me that we had been sitting right next to a celebrity and I didn’t even realize it! Her name is Gong Hyo Jin and she’s famous in Korea for acting in many Korean dramas. How funny that we went to an entertainment company and saw no celebrities, but at the cafe we sat next to one for an hour or two. Gong Hyo Jin had some sort of dessert that looked really yummy and she was just talking to her friends about random things (including complaining about cell phones haha). Overall it was a wonderful day and I’m so grateful to have such fun times with friends image


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