Thanks Nature Cafe in Hongdae

IMG_4625I’ve been to a dog cafe, a cat cafe, and now I can say I’ve been to a sheep cafe. image The Thanks Nature cafe, located in Hongdae, has a pen for two sheep (who I think are named Milky and Lily). I was at the cafe for about three hours and for the most part the sheep just wanted to take naps and eat their food (much like cats). IMG_4647IMG_4639IMG_4637 There was seating outside (near the sheep) and inside, but I sat inside because it is so hot today! image I got a pomegranate-ade for about 5000 won (5 USD). It was sparkling with little jellies at the bottom. My friend got a green tea beverage. IMG_4631 IMG_4630 The interior was nicely decorated with little sheep figurines, stuffed animals, and paintings on the wall. IMG_4633 IMG_4632IMG_4644 I enjoyed studying here because not only were the drinks and interior great, but occasionally you could hear the sheep baa-ing which is very cute. imageThe owner of the sheep takes very good care of them, making sure to keep their food and water bowls filled. He even has a fan running to keep them cool during the summer heat. In the mid-afternoon the owner took the two sheep for a walk and brought them back after about 20 minutes. After that the sheep must have been tired because they fell asleep right next to each other. So cute! If you’re in the Hongdae area, definitely check it out. IMG_4626


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