Bonjuk 본죽

I haven’t posted in a while because I’ve been busy taking midterms, but I finished today (hooray!)  image so I’ll hopefully have some interesting posts soon. Last night and today at lunch I went with a friend to Bonjuk. It’s a restaurant chain in Korea that specializes in Korean porridge. We went to the Bonjuk near the line 2 Ewha station. It’s a small shop but very cozy and the food was amazing.Last night I tried the patjuk (팥죽) which is a red bean porridge with balls of rice cake inside. The flavor was a bit bland, but I still really liked it. I found it to be very, very filling. It comes with some side dishes including sweet tea, white radish, kimchi, a small dish of meat (which my friend ate for me), and another red side dish that looked very spicy.  My friend got the popular hobakjuk (호박죽) which is a sweet pumpkin porridge.

Today when we went back I tried the hobakjuk and it was very good. The price range is about 6500-10,000 won for each dish, and the portion sizes are very big so it’s a good deal. Both dishes I would have again, and probably I will be going back soon.



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