Amasvin Bubble Tea 아마스빈 버블티


There are many, many bubble tea shops around Ewha. Yesterday and Today I went to Amasvin Bubble Tea which is a small shop with an extensive beverage menu. There is even seating in the back, which I didn’t know at first, but if you walk down a narrow hall there is seating for about 10-12 people. 

Seating in the back

Seating in the back

Last night I got a Pineapple Bubble Soda which had pineapple chunks and boba in it (you can also do clear jellies instead of regular boba). Today I got a Black Tea Peach Bubble Tea. Both were very good and pretty cheap too (about 2,700 won). My friend got a Banana Smoothie Bubble tea.

Pineapple Bubble Soda

Pineapple Bubble Soda

Black Peach Tea (left) and Banana Bubble Smoothie (right)

Black Peach Tea (left) and Banana Smoothie (right)

Bubble tea lid

Bubble tea lid

I like how the straw makes a little mouth for the cartoon character on the lid. Amasvin also sells milk bubble tea, smoothie bubble tea, juice, and coffee. I’ll definitely be coming back here.


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