Nanta Performance and Ashley’s Buffet

Today I went on a field-trip to see Nanta and have lunch with my classmates. Nanta is a non-verbal performance that incorporates comedy, cooking, dance, and music. image

Our class got to the building a bit early so we all had drinks at a cafe. I had grapefruit juice, which was very good, but we had to drink quickly before going into the theater.

Grapefruit juice

Grapefruit juice

The performance lasted about an hour. There were five performers, who were all very talented and lively. I appreciated their energy in the performance because it made it fun to watch. I also enjoyed the drums and lights. My only complaint would be that they wasted a lot of food in the cooking performance. They would cut up vegetables (in a very cool way) but then just throw them on the floor. Overall it was a great performance and it was especially fun to spend time with my classmates.


Afterwards we went to Ashley’s Buffet near Ewha’s front gate. It’s an American style buffet with pictures of famous old Hollywood American actors on the walls, and western style decorations. The food was still Koreanized, though. For example they had pizzas and pastas, but they also had a make-your-own bibimbap section. Here’s a picture of one of my plates. I had Korean melon, grapefruit, wasabi salad (VERY intense wasabi flavor), dragonfruit-mango salad, and tomato salad. Also I had a non-alcoholic mint lemon mojito which was refreshing.


I also had (not pictured) honey-butter chips, bibimbap, balsamic salad, various fruits, tea, and watermelon punch. It was all very filling!

Eating with my classmates

Eating with my classmates

I had a great time and I look forward to class again on Monday!image


2 thoughts on “Nanta Performance and Ashley’s Buffet

  1. Nana says:

    That first comment made me laugh:)

    Nanta sounds like a very entertaining play! Your photos show what a good time you and your classmates had together!


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