Summer Kpop Festival

On Tuesday afternoon, a free Kpop concert for foreigners was held near Seoul City hall. All you needed to bring was a ticket printed out from the internet and your passport. The concert started seating around 4:30pm and ended at 10pm.IMG_4986

After class ended at 1pm my friend and I had lunch, printed our tickets, then went to city hall a bit after 3pm so I thought it would be plenty of time before the concert, however thousands of people showed up and only 2000 seats were available. We waiting in line for 2 hours in the heat but they ran out of tickets for seats so that was frustrating. image

However I did get to see a few performances from a distance. I saw Infinite, Jiyeon from T-ara, Crayon Pop, and some other bands I didn’t recognize. I also got to see the MCs Jiyeon, Zhoumi (Super Junior) and Hong Bin (Vixx) pretty close up. They were only about 10 feet away from me.

IMG_4999 IMG_5008



Crayon Pop

Crayon Pop

I also got a free fan and poster. image So it wasn’t all bad.



If there’s ever a free concert again, I’ll make sure to go way in advance!


2 thoughts on “Summer Kpop Festival

    • sophiewhyte says:

      Yeah, they had workers there that spoke different languages including English. Also, any announcements were made in Korean, English, Chinese, and Japanese. It was definitely accessible for foreigners ^^


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