Korean Arcade and Norebang

I visited my friend in Gunpo and we spent the evening going to a Korean arcade. Photobucket It was pretty late there, around 11pm when we went, but there were still plenty of people there. First I tried out a racing game. I’m pretty sure the game was Japanese but the instructions were in English so that was a bit strange. It was fun all the same.


Then we tried out a game where you shoot and kill zombies. We also played a dancing game where we danced to Block B’s Very Good and another song I didn’t recognize. It was actually a good workout.

Dance game

Dance game

There were lots of options at the arcade, including a row of small booths in the back that were coin norebang (karaoke/singing room). image In some norebang, you pay a set fee (about 10,000 won) to rent a room for about  an hour or two to sing. In coin norebang, you pay 500 won per song.

Norebang booths

Norebang booths

Inside the booth

Inside the booth

We sang four songs: Eyes, Nose, Lips by Taeyang, Bang Bang Bang by Big Bang, Uptown Funk by Mark Ronson, and 체념 by Big Mama. They offered songs from Korea, Japan, China, as well as English songs. The booths blocked the outside sound pretty well, however we could still hear the guy in the booth next to us singing sad songs and getting really into it. It was kind of funny.

It was a really fun experience and I’m glad I got to spend time with my close friend デコメ of cute emoticons


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