PLANT restaurant in Itaewon

On Saturday I visited Itaewon for the first time. It’s an area of Seoul known for its diversity and high foreign population. There are plenty of restaurants with cuisine from around the world. There are also lots of stores for clothing, souvenirs, etc.

I visited the vegan/vegetarian restaurant PLANT which is run by the owner of the Alien’s Day Out blog. I love her blog!! But unfortunately it has been a while since she’s updated so I’m not sure if she’s blogging anymore. image

Anyways, I finally got around to visiting PLANT which offers a few main dishes which change frequently. In addition they offer baked goods and drinks, which I really want to try if I go back.

Chalkboard wall in the restaurant

Chalkboard wall in the restaurant

I got a noodle dish with fresh veggies and tofu on top and it was AMAZING. My friend got a lentil curry. The prices for the main dishes ranged from 10-12,000 won.


Bakery counter

Bakery counter

It’s a bit hard to find PLANT but it’s definitely worth it. I can’t wait to go back! image


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