Visiting Imjingak 임진각

Imjingak is an area within the city of Paju, South Korea. It’s in the very north of South Korea, bordering North Korea. Typically, you can visit the DMZ near this city, however due to recent tensions with North Korea we weren’t able to visit the DMZ this time. Yet it was still a great experience!

IMG_5290 IMG_5293

First, we used binoculars to look towards the DMZ and North Korea. The terrain is very much like South Korea– mountainous. Also the weather was perfect, not too hot or cold and a very clear, sunny sky.


Facing towards the DMZ/North Korea

IMG_5303 IMG_5302IMG_5304

I also got to see the mangbaeddan which wikipedia says is a structure “located to enable displaced people whose hometown was the North Korea to bow down to their parents or family in North Korea during the New Years Day and Chuseok. Sorrow of the dispersed family remains in Mangbaeddan.”



I left a note on a ribbon to hang on a chain fence with other ribbons. They are prayer messages for hope, peace, and a desire for reunification. My ribbon said “Peace Love Forever Always”.

IMG_5321IMG_5325IMG_5320 IMG_5331

Next we viewed a train from the Korean war. You could clearly see bullet holes in the sides.

IMG_5348 IMG_5349

Imjingak is an amazing place to visit with lovely scenery and you can learn a lot about the Korean War, particularly South Korea’s perspective of the war. The Korean War has vastly changed the Korean Peninsula and is a part of history that is important to learn about in order to understand current political and cultural relations between North and South Korea. I’m very grateful to have had the opportunity to visit.



3 thoughts on “Visiting Imjingak 임진각

  1. jjwhyte14 says:

    I’m very grateful that you had an opportunity to visit, too! I suppose I’m a bit partial, but you’ve experienced more extraordinary things in three months than I have in my entire life!


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