Back in Seoul!

It’s been a while since I have updated this blog, but now that I am back in Korea I will update more frequently. Two days ago I arrived in Seoul. This summer I am going to be studying Korean at a hagwon (private academy) and sightseeing around the city. I am so excited to be back and can’t wait to have many more fun adventures image

My apartment is in Eunpyeon gu, a district within Seoul.

So far I am really enjoying it here. The apartment is clean and has lots of amenities, like towels, soap, tissues, etc. so that is super convenient. The apartment is also in a great location. It’s close to the subway station and right next to a small river, perfect for walks. Below is a picture of the river and a street near my apartment.

I am also excited about the kitchen. I enjoy cooking so I imagine I will be using it a lot. Below is a picture of today’s lunch: potato pancakes, cherry tomatoes, sauteed bean sprouts, and some mango juice.

IMG_6589The apartment is also near lots of markets and grocery stores that I can walk to for fresh produce and food. IMG_6548

Along with the markets is a giant 8-story emart. It’s one of the biggest grocery stores I’ve been to, although I’ve heard there are even bigger ones here in Seoul (which is incredible).

IMG_6585So far I am enjoying life here in Seoul (despite the jet lag). I will update soon when I have more photos to post! Thanks for reading image


4 thoughts on “Back in Seoul!

  1. jjwhyte14 says:

    Superb photos and descriptions of your new apartment and neighborhood, Sophie! I know how you love to cook, so it looks like you’re in an ideal location for new recipes to try. Have a great time!


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