Bakeries and cafes

Because my school is in Hongdae, I am in the area quite a bit. Hongdae has all sorts of cafes, bakeries, and quirky shops. Just the other day I went to a bakery called Bread and Co. with friends

I got a strawberry juice which was delicious!


The cafe also had a tree inside. People wrote notes on napkins and slips of paper to attach to the branches. I included a photo of a note I found particularly funny.

Today I visited a cat cafe called Table A in Hongdae, too. I met up with some classmates to study and enjoy some time with cats. I got the Kiwi Ade drink, which was fizzy like soda pop image

The cats were all super cute! image The cats let you pet them and mostly took naps on nearby tables. The white cat with a red collar had one blue eye and one yellow eye, which was very cool.

I love the cafes in Hongdae and I can’t wait to check more of them out image


2 thoughts on “Bakeries and cafes

  1. Nana says:

    The cat cafes are interesting–the white cat with the two different coloured eyes made me think of the baseball player from Missouri, Max Scherzer, who has two different coloured eyes too:)


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