Lots and lots of food

While living in my apartment I do quite a bit of cooking, but because eating out is so cheap and convenient in Seoul, I go out a lot, too! One of the first restaurants I went to was a local noodle place, and now I am a regular there. The woman who works there recognizes me and my roommates, and we always chat when we go there.

The other day I ordered kongooksu, which is noodles and veggies in a cold soy milk broth. It’s one of my favorite dishes! And the owner gives us extra large portions and sometimes some free food items, like dumplings


Another of my favorite places to eat is at Korean BBQ restaurants. It seems strange, considering I don’t eat meat, but they often have meat-free dishes that I can eat along with tons of vegetable side dishes. At one restaurant, they gave me special kimchi soup without meat.

Another dish I like is bibimgooksu, which is noodles mixed with veggies and hot pepper sauce. Delicious!


Also, here are some pictures of the snacks I’ve tried in Seoul. I usually get them at a local convenience or grocery store.


The honey mustard pretzels are addictive and a great snack for me to bring to class.

IMG_6672I got this sweet popcorn to eat while watching movies and it’s quite good! image


Tiramisu oreos are incredible. My favorite oreo flavor is still golden birthday cake, but these ones are nothing to scoff at.

Another perfect summer snack are popsicles! The first pic is of a watermelon popsicle, and the last two are of the Asian pear flavored slushee-type dessert. Both were very enjoyable.

This by no means is an all-encompassing list of the snacking I’ve done, but it’s some of the highlights. Hope you enjoyed this post!


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