Visiting Gwangjang Market

This past week I was able to visit Gwangjang Market in Seoul. They sell all sorts of things such as souvenirs, food, fabric, and household goods. It’s a huge indoor market and even on a weekday it was very crowded.

I was excited to try the street food they sell. I tried the mayak-kimbap (drug kimbap) which are named that because they are so addictive. The kimbap is rice with carrots and pickled radish rolled in seaweed. It is served with a side of mustard dipping sauce.

We also got spicy rice cakes which were delicious! Everything was well priced and easy to find. There were so many other foods I wanted to try but I was so full. I will definitely go back sometime.

If you are looking for a souvenir or some delicious food, definitely visit this market!



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