Cafes and Study Time

Seoul is filled to the brim with cafes. It seems anywhere you go there are cafes, and not just any cafes either, but cafes with extensive menus, beautiful interior decorating, and sometimes even themes (like a sheep cafe or a flower cafe).

I love visiting cafes to study and relax. Recently I visited Cafe Sketchbook, which has a very artistic atmosphere. There were paintings all on the walls and advertisements for upcoming art exhibits.

At this cafe I got tomato juice and my friend got a strawberry smoothie.


There was even balcony seating, although it was a bit too hot and humid to stay outside for long.


Another cafe I visited is Table A cat cafe. I went many times last year as well and I was excited to go back this year again. image

The cats here are very friendly and cute! When trying to study they can sometimes be distracting, especially when they lay down on your homework.

I definitely look forward to visiting these cafes again and finding new cafes as well! image


3 thoughts on “Cafes and Study Time

  1. jjwhyte14 says:

    Your Cafe Sketchbook photo almost looks like a watercolor itself. Lucky you to find so many interesting places tucked away in the city. Do you have a frequent visitor card for the Table A cat cafe? I hear that on your tenth card punch you get a free kitten to take home.


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